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  • Po angielsku
    • Apiconsult - Assisting the development of beekeeping in Africa through sharing information appropriate to African beekeeping. Includes information, articles and a discussion forum.
    • Apiservices - Virtual Beekeeping Gallery - Information, products and services for beekeeping, bees and honey. 65 hosted companies and associations. Quadrilingual site: English, French, Spanish and German.
    • Beehoo - World beekeeping directory.
    • Beekeeping and Bee Breeding - Detailed information on history, equipment, breeding, available products, and books from a hobbyist.
    • Beekeeping in Africa - Text and pictures illustrating beekeeping in Africa, with information about projects supported by the Danish Beekeepers' Association.
    • Beekeeping in Slovenia - Home of the Carniolan Bee - Information about beekeeping organisations (including the Museum of Beekeeping at Radovljica), an on-line beekeeper education project, and research facilities. Also includes a history of beekeeping in Slovenia, and video clips of bee behaviour. (Slovene and English.)
    • Beekeeping in Ukraine - Information about beekeeping in the Ukraine, and its cultural and economic importance. (in Ukrainian, English, and Russian)
    • Beekeeping Information Notes - Notes from the Department of Entomology at North Carolina State University in HTML or PDF format.
    • Beemaster.com; Beekeeping Course - An on-line tutorial for beekeeping.
    • Bees and Beekeeping - EntsWeb Directory - A collection of links to beekeeping information from sites around the world.
    • Bees-Online - Information resource about honey bees and their value to mankind, written to inspire and encourage people to keep bees themselves.
    • Betterbee Inc - Suppliers of beekeeping and related equipment, also of honey, beeswax, soap and candle making supplies. Online shopping.
    • De Waterwilg - Beefarm in Belgium offering visits. Information on honey and other bee products. (Dutch, French and English.)
    • GoBeekeeping.com - Resources for the hobby beekeeper. Free online classes, newsletter, library, and related links.
    • Herb Isaac Sales - Bulk suppliers of Canadian honey. Also supply commercial beekeeping equipment (new and used) and bees. On-line catalog and contact details.
    • HoneyBee Australis - Australian beekeeping site, with information and supplies.
    • Honeybee Ring - Webring which may be joined by any beekeping-related web site.
    • InGen Beekeeping Supplies Co. - Information and resources to help beekeepers.
    • International Honey Exporter's Organization - The IHEO aims to defend the price of the honey, affording pay the beekeepers a fair price without neglecting the buyers.
    • Iowa State University's Entomology List - Beekeeping links list from Iowa State University.
    • John's Beekeeping Notebook - Topics include observation bee hives, beekeeping history, rearing queen bees, experiences of a beekeeper in the Fiji Islands, beekeeping in Ukraine.
    • Kohala Net - Resource about bees and honey, including diseases of bees, bee products and health, and bee stings.
    • Midnite Bee - A collection of links to bee sites including supplier links, schools and associations.
    • Of Bees, Beekeepers and Food - Information about the importance of bees and pollination to our food supply, beekeeping, honey, and beeswax.
    • Pollination - On the importance to the grower of ensuring that pollination occurs: how to manage pollination, list of breeders for this purpose, and a plant database.
  • Po francusku
    • Abeilles, bourdons et gue^pes - Les produits de la ruche, le rôle important des hyménopte`res. Visite en images de la ruche.
    • Apiservices - Informations apicoles, forums et annonces, en français, allemand, espagnol, anglais.
    • BeeHoo - Annuaire sur les abeilles, le miel, l'apiculture du monde entier, classés par the`mes et par pays. Petites annonces pour apiculteurs, newsletter.
    • Centre suisse de recherches apicoles - Il élabore des bases techniques et scientifiques et les diffuse dans la pratique et aupre`s des milieux intéressés. Information du la biologie et les maladies de l'abeille, apiculture biologique et environnement. Liebefeld-Posieux, Berne, Suisse.
    • CIVAM - Association apicole de Haute Normandie proposant des informations générales sur les maladies et la législation.
    • Conseil en apiculture de Jean Riondet - Conseils mensuels de l'auteur de "un rucher dans mon jardin". Elevage des reines, récolte du miel, essaimage par exemple mois par mois.
    • Groupement de défense sanitaire des abeilles d'Ille et Vilaine - Présentation des objectifs du GDSA 35, des stages de formation apicoles et re`glements relatifs a` l'exploitation d'un rucher.
    • Happymiel - Les abeilles produisent a` partir du pollen le miel, la gelée royale mais aussi moins connu de la cire et du propolis. Pésentation de diverses recettes.
    • Mellifica - Programme de conservation et de sélection de l'abeille noire. Données sur l'écologie, la technique apicole, la génétique, l'élevage de reines. Informations internationales et diverses ressources a` télécharger. Belgique.
  • Po niemiecku
  • Po szwedzku

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